Maintenance Performed Daily

  • Wash down bays
  • Test each bay by inserting coin, token, etc. to ensure smooth operation
  • Pick up debris and empty trash containers
  • Initiate wash cycles verify proper water pressure, inspect for leaks, and operation
  • Activate vacuums, check suction, inspect hoses and attachments
  • Operate bill changer, check bill acceptance and proper change
  • Test vendors for money acceptance and activation
  • Examine oil level and condition of pumps
  • Examine oil level and condition of air compressor
  • Check chemical Levels

Maintenance Performed Weekly

  • Empty vacuum debris bins and clean dust filters
  • Sweep or wash-down paved surfaces
  • Maintain landscaping and lawn
  • Measure residue level in sediment traps
  • Drain condensed water from air compressor tank (if applicable)
  • Check 24 hour timers for lighting and water-softener regeneration
  • Refill water-softener brine reservoir
  • Restock vending machines

Maintenance Performed Monthly

  • Lubricate locks
  • Adjust light timer settings
  • Replace pre-filters for reverse-osmosis systems
  • Lubricate pump seals if applicable
  • Inspect pump drive belts for wear and adjust tension

Maintenance Performed at 500 hours of Operation

  • Change high pressure pump and air compressor oil
  • Replace vacuum dust filter bags
  • Replace activated carbon media for reverse osmosis system

Maintenance Performed Annually

  • Clean walls and parking lot with pressure washer
  • Paint exposed building

Maintenance Performed as Needed

  • Inspect hoses, trigger guns, nozzles, and brushes for wear
  • Repair all leaks
  • Replace pump seals and/or valves at first indication of pulsation, leaks, or wear
  • Clean or replace reverse-osmosis membrane when reduction of permeate is evident
  • Remove graffiti, dated signs, or deteriorated banners
  • Replace worn or frayed bay and/or vacuum components
  • Replace faded or torn/cut decals
  • Clean-out sediment traps before clogging occurs